Customer Reviews

"As a businessman and public servant it is vitally important I reach as many customers and constituents as possible. Az Flyers has provided me with the unique opportunity to reach both at unprecedented levels while maintaining an affordable budget. Tom and his staff are a great asset while his service and reliability have surpassed my expectations. I wholeheartedly endorse using Az Flyers for an edge in increased business sales or public awareness. Thanks Tom!!"

Guy Phillips
Owner - Budget Mechanical, LLC
Councilman - Scottsdale City Council

Guy won his Scottsdale City Council election again in Nov. 2016. Here is his thank you to Arizona Flyer Service.
"Thanks Tom! You are one of the few who refused the big money on principle and I will not forget it".

"After working with another flyer service for 6+ months we decided to try Arizona Flyer Service due to their larger delivery area options.  Within a week of switching to AZ Flyer Service we knew that we wouldn’t be leaving.  They are very responsive, I never have to “wonder” where they are delivering, and they are thorough in notifying my office of where they are going and where they have delivered.  Getting the daily maps has helped track our numbers significantly better which results in more accurate strategies for future deliveries. I would highly recommend Arizona Flyer Service over any of the other flyers services in the valley to anyone looking into delivering flyers."

Kyle Wyloge
Momentum Real Estate

"If you are looking for the best price, customer satisfaction, and reliability then you have to give Arizona Flyers a call. I have been using and recommending AZ Flyers to my clients for over 2 years now. Even when we have had to schedule a last minute distribution they have stepped up to the plate with no questions asked. I have tried other companies and always had negative feedback from my clients and even the public receiving the information. Tom, keep up the good work and KILLER customer service."

David Belanger
Lawyers Title

"I want to thank you for always being there when my agents need you. It doesn’t matter if it is a 500 flyer delivery or 10,000 flyer delivery, you always come through and get the job done. I switched from Freedom Marketing about 3 years ago, not only based on costs but based on trust and the ability of your employees to deliver on time. I have been a loyal AZ Flyer Service client and do what I can to have all my agents use your company versus your competitors. Thank you again Tom, and thank you for making me look good too!"

Ryan Banovac
Lawyers Title of Arizona

"Tom, your guy did a great job. I had a very large turn out for the open house."

Terry L Day
RealtorDeLex Realty

You guys are the best.

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